A lovely afternoon horseback ride turns into a near death tragedy.

But not even a traumatic brain injury can stop a Silent Warrior

Read Celia Belt's remarkable comeback story of courage, tenacity, and grit.

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Remarkably Intact

Celia Belt’s Remarkably Intact is a story of survival, strength, and sacrifice. This unexpected guide-to-life is a blueprint drawn from Celia’s own incredible struggles as burn survivor and a woman whose life and relationships continually veer off-course, though she's always managed to put it back on track. Throughout her story, Celia candidly shares her “can-do” attitude and ideology for overcoming the odds.

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About Celia

Celia Belt is the co-founder of the award-winning charity Moonlight Fund Inc., a non-profit charity that provides financial and emotional assistance to burn survivors and their families. A mother of three and grandmother of one, she embodies true selflessness and hopes that by sharing her story others will be inspired to live their lives to the fullest.

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