Celia’s Topics

Burn Survivors: Overcoming a forever injury and living a healthy and happy life

  • How life changes after a burn injury and how to overcome the hurdles
  • Family life after a burn injury and how to move past the accident
  • Stronger together: Isolation is not the answer
  • Women and burns: We are beautiful
  • The Burn Unit: The good, the bad, the ugly and why hospitals need them
  • Burns in children: How to help as parents

Women: Empowerment to be yourself and succeed in the process

  • Surviving tragedy and succeeding on your own
  • Raising children on your own
  • Becoming a leader: never stop listening, learning and being humble
  • Become the best at any task, any job and any industry

Charities: Changing the world by building a strong and focused organization

  • Starting and building a charity. How to succeed in the process. Best practices
  • Women in charity, what sets us apart
celia belt with mario's family
celia belt speech with honorable medals
celia belt talking to customer at trade show booth
celia belt posing for her business journal award
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Inspirational Speeches That Bring Joy and Clarity to the
Most Challenging of Times.

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